We're very proud to have worked with director Ricky Staub and the talented team at Neighborhood Film Co on this short film "THE CAGE".  It's been an epic journey from start to finish and we're so pleased to finally share it.  1-LOUDER provided sounddesign, Foley, dialogue/sound editorial, sound finishing and mix.



"More than a story of redemption, The Cage is a story of survival. When Philly’s streets look to bring one young man down and entangle him with violence, anger, and death, it’s purely up to him to find a way to break free. While the only escape may seem to come from the basketball court, make no mistake... this is no game."

See the Teaser:  TEASER

See the Film:  THE CAGE  

Behind the scenes:

M. Night Shyamalan ... SPLIT

Work completed on a series of Behind The Scenes, Interviews, and Making-Of short films for M. Night Shyamalan's new movie SPLIT starring James McAvoy - to feature on the international iTunes/BluRay release later in 2017.  The 1-LOUDER team provided dialogue/sound editorial, additional sounddesign and sound finishing/mixing.

Check out the movie trailers here:  SPLIT TRAILERS

 iTunes - SPLIT



So pleased to finally share this fantastic new Heineken commercial that we've just completed work on with our audio-partners Audentity.  1-LOUDER's Glyn Owen and Jonathan Ware provided the original score plus an arrangement of "Figaro's Aria" featuring the amazing Pietro Spagnoli.  The film is based on the true story of the 1889 Paris Expo where Heineken Beer was presented and went on to be awarded the Expo's Grand Prix prize for excellence.  Great story and great campaign directed by Ismael ter Heuvel for TBWA\Neboko.

See the film here:  HEINEKEN - THE INVENTION


We've just completed work on the incredible short film from NYC based director Dan DiFelice.  "Carved in Mayhem is the poetic depiction of one man’s unique journey... when the forces of nature that surround one, collide with an opposing resistance of the human spirit."   1-LOUDER created the sounddesign for the project with a stunning original score by Luke Atencio.  For more info and behind-the-scenes on the project go to:  ARTOFMAYHEM.COM

See the film here: CARVED IN MAYHEM

*Update - Film Supply shortlist Carved In Mayhem in "Best Of 2016".  See the full list here: FILM  SUPPLY - BEST OF 2016

Dracula Untold - Proof Of Concept (Universal)

We were  invited to compose and produce an original music score for director Gary Shore on a Proof Of Concept teaser for his upcoming movie "Dracula Untold" (Universal).  1-LOUDER's Buster Cottam, Jonathan Ware & Glyn Owen collaborated on the score, with sound design from Gavin Little @ Echolab.  Project has just been completed and it's looking and sounding awesome, well done and best wishes to Gary as he embarks on production of his first studio feature.  Movie is due for international release later in 2014.   Hear the P.O.C. Teaser Score on Soundcloud

*Update - see the movie trailer here:  DRACULA UNTOLD